Impulse Lithium Tournament Rewards Program Registration

Owning the BEST Lithium Battery on the Market isn’t enough, now we PAY you to run Impulse Lithium Batteries in qualifying events.

Restrictions and rules apply, see below for details.


Get paid to win a qualifying tournament with our batteries! Don’t miss out. Get registered now!

Rules & Eligibility

  • Anglers must be entered in the Impulse Lithium Tournament Rewards program prior to the event start.
  • Only Anglers with a First Place Finish is eligible for prize money
  • $500 will be paid to Angler with (Win) First Place Finish running an Impulse Lithium Starting Battery or a 24v or 36v Impulse Lithium trolling system.
  • Anglers must use their boat with Impulse Lithium Batteries installed
  • Co-anglers or team partners are not eligible for consideration even if he/she owns Impulse Lithium Batteries
  • All tournament Rules, Navigation and Boating Regulations must be met to qualify for Impulse Lithium Tournament Rewards. 
  • Any violation of rules or state/local regulations can disqualify angler from prize money
  • Events must have a minimum of 60 boats to be eligible for rewards.
  • Angler must fish all days of the Sanctioned Event using Angler’s boat with Impulse Lithium Batteries
  • Angler must submit Claim Form within 30 days of the tournament’s results.
  • By entering in the Impulse Lithium Tournament Rewards program, all participants agree to hold Impulse Lithium, LLC harmless from any liability whatsoever and waive all causes of action in connection with the Impulse Lithium Tournament Rewards Program.
  • Decisions regarding controversy of any kind, including but not limited to eligibility or results, will be decided at the sole discretion of Impulse Lithium. 
  • Participants are solely responsible for all federal, state, and local taxes on Impulse Lithium Tournament Rewards money received. 
  • Winnings Limited to Twice per Calendar year.
  • Must Be Original Purchaser of Battery to be eligable, proof of purchase will be required.
  • Rules and eligibility are subject to change at any time
  • Eligibility is for 36 months (3 Years) after date of purchase

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