impulse lithium battery collection


12v 105Ah, 120Ah & 160Ah

The Impulse Lithium 12v 105Ah, 120Ah and 160Ah All Purpose Lithium Batteries are an ideal replacement for lead acid batteries or AGM deep cycle and starting batteries. Designed with a massive capacity, these deep cycle marine lithium batteries provide maximum current and accepts alternator charging.  Both are ideal for the tournament fisherman utilizing multiple fish finder electronics, navigation equipment, engine starting and more. Light weight, high current, fast recharging, extended 3000+ cycle life, consistent battery voltage, internal battery management system (BMS), maintenance free, battery monitoring and more are reasons to choose Impulse Lithium.

ALL Batteries are backed with our FULL 10 YEAR Warranty!


12v Lithium Batteries 

The Impulse Lithium Platinum Series 12v deep cycle batteries are an ideal replacement for older lead acid battery or AGM batteries. Bluetooth Monitoring gives you the information of your lithium batteries condition so you have confidence your batteries will make it through long days on the water.

These Lithium batteries are perfect for boats, RV’s, golf carts, off grid applications and much more. Most standard battery chargers will work with these batteries but always check the User Manual to confirm compatibility. Easy connect battery terminals, light weight, faster charge gives you the performance you are looking for.

All Impulse Lithium batteries are protected with a 10yr warranty


16v Lithium Batteries 

Available in 60Ah and 80Ah and Designed for Marine Electronics to produce better performance over 12v AGM Batteries that drop below 12v.  This Battery comes with our advanced BMS (Battery Management System) to fully protect the battery. Our BMS monitors Over and Under Voltage Protection, High and Low Temperature Protection, Overcurrent Protection, Short Circuit Protection and more..
All Lithium Batteries come with a FULL 10 Year NON-PRORATED Warranty.

24v or 36v Lithium Batteries

Available in 40Ah and 60Ah Impulse Lithiums 24v and 36v marine batteries are specifically designed for the tournament angler or smaller boat owners that want to run a single 36v trolling system but do not have the storage space for multiple batteries or are looking to shed some weight to get better top speed and hole shot.  These are a must have to serious anglers. Installing (2) batteries in Parallel will double the usable capacity and give you total peace of mind when you’re on the water.

Impulse Lithium batteries are protected with a FULL 10yr warranty